Selling a Home – 7 Inexpensive Kitchen Modifications

When selling a home, a beautiful kitchen will help bring top dollar. If you already have a functional kitchen, then making these 7 inexpensive kitchen modifications can help you get your home sold for more money.  You don’t have to do an expensive remodel to make your kitchen appealing to buyers.

Here’s 7 inexpensive Kitchen modifications when selling a home!

  1. Clear the counters of any appliances or items that clutter the counter space. You want the counters space to be free and look as open as possible.  Every buyer will want to know the counters are large enough for them to use.  So even though it’s a hassle, put away everything that’s on the counters prior to a showing or open house.
  2. Remove those hanging racks for pots and pans. I know they are useful, especially if you have a small kitchen, but they are a definite turn off to buyers.  Sorry!
  3. Make sure the counters are clean before every showing. Buyers will set their personal belongings on the kitchen counter when they do their walkthrough of the house, so you want it free from any thing that is sticky.  Surprisingly, this is also where most of the agents will write their clients offers and you don’t want their last impression to be dirty counter tops.
  4. Lighting can make or break a kitchen, so make sure to have as much lighting in the kitchen as possible. Sometimes you will need to add lighting under the top cabinets to accomplish this.  Just remember to turn them on prior to any showings because most buyers will not know they are there to turn on.  If you have windows, make sure to have the blinds open to let as much sunlight in as possible.
  5. If the kitchen is still dark after adding lights, then try looking at having the exterior of the cabinets painted or resurfaced in a light color. You would be surprised at how much of a change you can obtain by painting the cabinets.  I have had buyers comment many times on how nice the cabinets look, when I know all the seller did was have then painted.
  6. Don’t forget the flooring! Kitchens have relatively small flooring space, so consider replacing the flooring if it looks warn or old in the least bit.  You don’t want to go wild and spend a lot of money on exotic hardwood, something inexpensive that looks good and matches the kitchen will work.
  7. Lastly make sure the appliances are clean and look nice. You don’t need to upgrade to stainless steel or anything like that but make sure the inside of the oven and microwave are clean.  If they are not clean, buyer’s will wonder if they need to be replaced and will lower their offer price.

The kitchen is one of the biggest factors buyers use to determine if they have an interest in your home. If you are thinking of selling a home, this is where you want to spend your time before you list your home for sale.  Don’t neglect the rest of the house either, but this is where you should spend your resources if you are on a tight budget or time crunch.

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